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Our company is mainly engaged in all kinds of pure hand crochet products baby hats, baby shoes, baby photo prop, blanket,bikini, etc.We have a professional design team with many years experience. Our products have been available in many countries and regions including the USA, Australia and Europe. We can provide customized services for many companies and are well recognized by our customers. 

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Industry application:
Crochet product is a special wool knit organization, it has a "hollow, elastic, dense, soft and flexible" art style, product structure plasticity, can achieve unlimited style and any size, any mechanical product substitution not a feature of artistic artefacts.
Crochet products, "hollow", refers to its organizational structure with a hollow artistic effect, can better integration with the human clothing and decorative objects as a whole, the formation of a mutual set off the special effects. We can say that any form of flexible fiber fabrics are unmatched.
Crochet products, "elastic" means we can make various crochet needle through, making the formation of a special elastic stretch this effect can better expose the beauty of the human body, to comfort effect.
Crochet products, "dense" means that it is dense, we can follow the crochet needle, the product has a dense style, density and white effect is formed in the same product.
Crochet products, "soft" refers to its flexible features, we can say it is the most flexible fibers having a flexible fabric material characteristics of the products, and fast-paced day and age it forms a strong contrast to enable people to better the exposure to the casual environment.
Crochet products "flexible" refers to the flexibility of its organizational structure, a small crochet, through our skillful hands, can create infinite mystery, we can implement any arbitrary decorative effect.

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